Thursday, 8 March 2012

spring fever

I love spring. There, I said it. I love the smell, I love the temperature and I love love what it represents. To me, spring is all about change and trying new things. It seems every spring I'm always doing something significant and life-changing. Last year I moved in with my lovely boyfriend and the year before I changed jobs. 

This year is really no different. And I feel as if spring is the real moment when the new year kicks in. It gives me such a sense of possibility. Like I can do anything. And I want to do everything. 
Spring is all about anticipation for me too, as it gets warmer, I get more and more excited, being able to wear lighter jackets and skirts without tights until finally its summer and anything goes. Every day is an awesome new guessing game, "hmm, will it be warm enough to wear shorts today? Let's try it!" 

Along with the dressing game, I also get this feeling in my gut of just pure joy when I start to see that snow melt. It's kind of like that pure, unadulterated happiness that you feel when you watch animal videos or see a hockey player score for the first time. There's no other way to describe it other than HAPPY.

I'm kind of like a bear, in the winter I go into hibernation mode, and when the weather starts to warm, and the sun finally starts to hang around more often, it's like I'm being awakened. Every part of me wants to jump into something new and exciting. I'm vibrating at a high frequency. (ha!)

I've applied to go back to college in the fall. Who knows if I'll actually be able to swing it financially once September comes, but here's hoping. 

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