Monday, 19 March 2012

sunshine, on my window, makes me happy, like I should be

I feel like I respect everyone too much to start a post off by commenting on what a gorgey day it was yesterday. Of course you know it was amazing out! 

I was so happy to not bundle my face up and finally be able to set my toes free from their woolly sock prison.

Charles and I decided that yesterday was the perfect day to begin our biking adventures. And I am so glad we went. It was so nice to ride around on the bike paths and stop at some of our favourite spots. We got a panini at Planet Coffee (yum!) and ate while looking down at the locks from majors hill park. 

Ice on the River!! Don't I look pleased with having my photo taken? 

What's incredible is that even though the temperatures soared yesterday to a record high, there was still snow all around, and ice covering the river! I love the fact that in Canada, there can be ice and snow, and people can still be walking around in shorts and tanky tops!!

Biking isn't very compatible with fashion, it's hard to bike in a dress and heels, so I broke out some leggings, my Keds and an old t-shirt. Comfy!

Just strutting through the living room in my grocery shopping outfit. NBD

To get my fashion fix for the day, I changed into a skirt and silk tank top to go to the grocery store, may have been a bit much but whatevs, and guess what, NO TIGHTS. Bare legs all the way. I never want to wear pants again.

I am now happy to say that summer is officially going to happen. I know we all had some doubts in January, but don't worry folks. It's practically already here!


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