Friday, 11 May 2012

on a day like today..

Charles and I went for a little drive in the Gatineaus today. Such a lovely day! AND. IT'S FRIDAY!!

I got this dress at NormL yesterday and I really like it. It's so soft and comfy. It's by a company called Against Nudity ( which is a really cool company to shop from. They promote integrity and honesty in fashion in terms of pricing and quality. A bunch of things that I think are pretty badass!

It's days like this when I really love our little city. It's so wonderful to have such a gorgeous park literally 15 minutes away from home and the city. So great! Can't wait for more days like today you guys!!


  1. It looks so pretty where you were! Love your shoes, and (its a little late) but OMG YES the photogs at the Met were hysterical!

  2. It's look like such a nice day i a beautiful place :)
    and I really like your outfit too!


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