Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Curating vs. Creating

The past few weeks, I've had an itch. My brain was just buzzing needing to do something. I can play with Pinterest 'til the cows come home, but does it ever really quench the creative thirst? In my opinion, no. It does not. The same goes with creating looks on Stylebook. It's fun for sure, but there's nothing tangible. While curating can be super fun, and creative in its own aspect. It really doesn't beat taking a pen to paper, and making something from scratch that you can touch.

Which is exactly why on Sunday I went to Michaels and picked up some water colour paints. At first It was because I had this idea in my head of a flowing, folded skirt, dyed to look like water colour. I saw it in my head and wanted so badly to see it on paper. And once I started painting, I just couldn't stop.

Creativity is a process. You get inspired by something, then bit by bit you change it to make it more like something new. I've always been under the impression that I'm a creative person with little talent for actual art or creating. (In the past I have half-heartedly tried to learn to sew or DIY, but it never seems to stick) I have always shown my creativity by showcasing other people's work. My whole life I have been a curator, from elaborate collages in my childhood bedroom to hanging purses on the wall in my first apartment.

But as this itch in my brain to create something gets more and more irritated, I'm finding that the difference between Curating and Creating really isn't that huge. I'm now starting to see curating as a means for creating. I started painting in my water colour sketchbooks and so far, I'm having a lot of fun. While I may not be the best painter (My hot pink studded biker jacket attempt looks more like a Libarace-esque blazer) or have the most original design ideas, (yet!) but these little sketches I've made so far are slowly starting to ease me away from a curating and into actually trying to create something  from scratch. 

Here are some of the little "fashion" sketches I've made so far. :)

They don't call it "the creative process" for nothing!


  1. I like the orangey dress with the dashes of black. It is quite possible to dye yarn and fabric like that y'know!

  2. Wow you're a great artist Jen! (I feel like I'm qualified to give that compliment as an artist's daughter who can't draw to save her life!) I would love to wear that first outfit you drew-just beautiful!

  3. cute sketches! especially that meow tee haha!

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