Thursday, 7 June 2012

A room of my own

My friend Kim and I went to Ikea this week, and although I promised myself I wouldn't spend any money, that didn't mean that I couldn't get all inspired with inexpensive home decor!!

Something that I've always wanted, since like FOREVER, has been an entire room dedicated to my clothes, bags, accessories, arts and crafts and just whatever I wanted.

I spent our trip to Ikea just making a mental list of all the things I would want to buy for the day when Charles' and I move into a bigger place. (which is kind of asking a lot since our current apartment is pretty spacious in terms of apartments) In my mind, the next place we get will be a house, and we will buy it. So there that is.

So for when we do buy our house (in however many years that will be) here's some schtuff I wanna put in my clothes/accessories/bag/craft room. :)
LIATORP Sofa table IKEA Can be placed behind a sofa, along a wall, or be used as a room divider.
This may look like your average sideboard, but the top is actually glass, and the shelves roll out. HELLO JEWELRY DISPLAY.

ISALA Side table IKEA Separate shelf for storing magazines, etc. Keeps your things organized and the table top clear.
This little side table looks great in the Lilac colour.

KIVIK Chaise IKEA Generous seating series with a soft, deep seat and comfortable support for your back.
I MAY be getting carried away, but what is a closet room without a chaise lounge? (Answer: nothing)

VĂ„TE Floor lamp IKEA Diffused light provides a general light.
They may be completely unoriginal, and everyone in my age-group has these all over their apartments, but I am a huge fan of these paper floor lamps. They give off such a nice soft light while looking very neutral and clean.

LEVANGER Mirror IKEA Safety film  reduces damage if glass is broken. The mirror can turn if you choose to mount it with the enclosed hinges.
While I'm not a huge fan of the colour of the frame, a 3 way mirror is a MUST. (frames can be painted anyways)
To me, that's a good start. Besides, how uncool is it to buy everything from one place anyways? (Answer: Very uncool) I already have some great nick-nacks to put in my yet-to-be created room. I've got some cool hooks for the wall and a great rolling rack I bought from a store I used to work at. It's all coming together quite nicely actually. Now all I need is the actual space! 

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  1. wow that is a sweet jewelry display, and the lilac side table is precious!


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