Monday, 30 July 2012


Well, July is holding on by thread right now, which means I have ALMOST completely switched in to fall shopping mode. You know, that time of year when it's still hot out but all you can think about is chunky knits, booties, and tights? I can't be the only one who spends an entire month obsessing over what to wear once the leaves start to change?

Summer is by far the raddest season of them all, with the beaching and the hot nights and the sun and the swimming, but Fall is still my favourite. It's the perfect temperature to utilize light layers and rich textures such as leather and wool.. While it's depressing that the days are getting shorter and undoubtedly another year is coming close to an end, Fall is always so luxurious feeling.

That being said, I used the Stylebook app on my phone to create a few "wish lists" that I think would completely and utterly satisfy my fall wardrobe needs. ;)

Tops: I'm really into basic looking items in neutral colours. I'd love to get my hands on some of these Acne cable knit sweaters. And I am always a sucker for a slouchy tee.

Bottoms: Last fall and winter I was almost strictly a legging girl since a lot of my jeans didn't fit me. Now I'm slowly regaining my appreciation of a nice pair of jeans and I think this combination of different denims would work perfectly for me: A pair of dark wine coloured jeans are great for moody fall days, dark wash skinnies are a standard you can't ignore, wide leg trouser-like jeans would be perfect for days when you wanted to dress up a bit more, and fall wouldn't be fall without a pair of leathers. I also love the idea of wearing wintery shorts in the fall with tights and cute booties, last year I never got around to finding a pair of leather shorts I loved, so I'm going to try again this year!

Shoes: These shoe choices are strangely practical for me, but I think I am a rare girl who can realize when she has enough shoes. (Charles may disagree) I already have some lovely pumps and some great black boots, but I am kind of lacking in the flat department. I'd love a pair of leopard print flats and a pair of rustic-looking over the knee brown boots. Also some studded army boots for when I want to feel like a bad-ass. I included these Newbury Booties by Rag & Bone because they're so similar to the "summer boots" I bought to wear this summer. As it gets cooler in the fall and we expect crappier weather, I wouldn't mind having the same style of bootie that aren't made of the not-so-rain-friendly suede material. 

Jackets: I'm actually pretty set for jackets. I have a buttload of nice blazers and a couple really nice winter jackets. But this fall I'd really love a great leather jacket. (I used to have two AMAZING leather jackets, one brown and one black, but when my waistline doubled, I gave them to my cousin, boo me!) I'd also love a camel coloured cape. What can I say, sometimes I like pretending I'm an aristocrat. (Not to sound stupid, but I only recently realized that it was "Aristocrat" and NOT "AristoCAT", thanks Disney!)

Accessories: The other day I was looking for a black belt, only to discover that I have like 15 brown belts and none black! I think I need to change this. I'm also experimenting with funkier jewelry; for so long I was someone who literally wore one necklace and one necklace only, but I think if you're going for simpler clothing, you should funk it up with the statement jewelry.

What are some of your "Must-Have's" for fall??!

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