Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Rant: One Tiny Rivet (WITH AN UPDATE)

If any of you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen my mini rant involving some Rag and Bone jeans that I recently bought, washed once, and had rivets fall off.

Well, I feel that 140 characters is insufficient for the disappointment that I feel. 

I have said many times, in real life and on this blog, that I have no problem paying a little extra for something that fits a little better and feels like better quality. And to be honest, if I had known that these jeans were going to downward spiral after one wash in the machine, well I probably wouldn't have shelled out the amount of money that I did to get them. I am not a rich person. Buying these jeans was a big decision for me because of the price.

It's one thing to have a pair of $40 Zara jeans fall apart after an over-exuberant bending experience, but to have a pair of REALLY expensive, allegedly good quality, designer jeans literally start to fall apart, isn't just disappointing, it's enraging. Right now I feel, as much as I love these jeans, (I actually said they were my favourite article of clothing on Capital Fashion's post about me last week) I would have been better off just burning my money. 

These jeans are totally white and at first glance don't even look like any special brand. The label is hidden all of the time, I did not buy them to be a brandwhore. The reason I bought them was because I loved the soft white material and the fit. The zipper felt wonderful and they were the perfect length for me. Plus I was under the impression that white jeans were a summer staple, and wanted a pair that was going to last me for a few seasons. Well, I bought these mid-June, we are barely in July and they already have rivets falling off. 

Now having worked in retail before, I completely understand the concept of return policies. And I completely understand that there is literally nothing I can do now. I have washed the jeans (by the way following the washing instructions to a T), and since washing them, voiding the return policy, I have also chucked the receipt. Basically, I am now stuck with a pair of defective jeans that cost more than I would like to admit and pretty much all I can do is just hope that more stuff doesn't decide to fall off them.

Having that one rivet fall off these jeans has made me pretty much lose all hope in expensive "quality" clothes.  My entire philosophy of, "Well it costs more because it WON'T fall apart." was completely dashed the second I heard that little rivet fall to the floor. I am beyond disappointed since now I have nowhere to turn. Do I go against my nature and pay less for something that is sure to fall apart, or do I take my chances with "quality" expensive items that may last for years or may fall apart after one wash. MY WORLD HAS BEEN TURNED UPSIDE DOWN. 

You may be reading this thinking that I'm overreacting, or being a tad dramatic, but you didn't just pay $180 to have the rivets fall off your jeans.


The area manager at Rag & Bone JUST called me! She was so nice, and offered a few solutions to my denim dilemma. She said I could either mail her the defective jeans and she would send me a new pair, or she could just mail me a new Rag & Bone rivet! I opted to get a new rivet, since as you well know, I am (Charles is) very good at fixing things! 

Getting a very personal call, and friendly solution from the head office of a company like that is very refreshing. And while yes, my jeans still fell apart, the fact that they are more than willing to help a sister out in a time of need like this is more than enough to instil some brand loyalty in this shopper.

And did you also know that Rag & Bone is predominantly made in the United States? Another reason to be pleased with them! Like my boss says whenever someone comes through for him, "You are a gentleman and a scholar and I take back all the bad things I said about you."

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