Monday, 20 August 2012

To vest, or not to vest.

That is the question. Buying vintage clothes always is a little trickier than going to the mall and picking something out off the rack. Most of the times, a vintage piece is one of a kind. You will probably NEVER, ever find the same thing, in the same condition, with the same fit, again. So what do you do when you have a vintage item, that you really love, but maybe you'd love it more as something else?

For example, I bought a fabulous vintage acid wash denim jacket a while ago, and I love it. I tried it on to be funny but it turned out the joke was on me, "hey look at me all wacky in this denim ja- wait a minute...this actually looks really good!"

So I bought it, and wore it a few times, but it always seemed that the sleeves were a bit too '80's for my liking. Very puffy. So I started thinking that maybe this jacket would be better re purposed (or re porpoised for all you dolphin readers out there) into a denim vest!

I've always wanted a cool denim vest, but being a long and lumpy girl, the cheap ones you can buy are never the right length or shape for me. I WANTED A LEVIS JEAN VEST. But I didn't want to buy one. (That seems to be the story of my life eh?) But the vintage jacket I bought just so happened to be Levis. I resolved to cut the sleeves off and turn it into a vest.

This is where my dilemma came in. I am really not so hot at DIY. I am impatient and don't take my time with things and mostly the things I DIY don't look anything like they do on Pinterest. So I was nervous about cutting this unarguably great denim jacket and ruining it to make a vest that I might not even like too much. I sought advice from my sewing pally Hannah and she walked me through the whole process, assuring me that it was easy, and that I could do it. But I was still super trepidatious about doing it myself due to my reputation as a mangler. (Mangler, a word used to describe someone who literally wrecks everything they touch) WHAT TO DO!

I obviously cut the thing up. And to be honest, I am LOVING the results. It may not look like the most sophisticated jacket ever, but I like it. AND. I wore it to work today and the barista at Starbucks was all, "WOW, I LOVE YOUR VEST" (in case you didn't know, baristas talk in all caps due to their insane energy, really, I can barely keep my eyes open at 7:30AM)

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