Monday, 1 October 2012

Funny Face

As much as I love fashion I can't help but feel that shoes and bags and clothes are not my favourite thing to see on a woman. Sure, I love getting together with a group of girls and chatting about clothes and whatnot. And talking to people about how much I love their necklace/sweater/belt/wallet is one of my other favourite past times. But I always discard the fact that more than any of these things, is my love of laughing.

I feel like the best accessory any woman can have is a sense of humour. I've always been drawn to really funny females. There is nothing more stylish to me than a confident woman who knows she can be witty and make people laugh.

I think that a funny woman can make anything look cool. And I've always felt that when I see or meet funny women, I'm always left wishing I was as cool as they are.

It's so easy to be a female in this day and age and only have on dimension. (Think Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian) I think that a female that can be self deprecating and funny and witty and scathing is just about the coolest thing a woman can be.

I've recently started following Jenny Johnson on Twitter, and if you aren't offended easily, and love funny women as much as I do, I suggest you do the same. She has me in stitches every day.

Only recently have I realized that in my life, I'm better off striving to be the funny girl rather than the pretty girl, or the sexy girl. I want to be a Tina Fey, a Chelsea Handler or even a Gilda Radner. Women like Kristen Wiig and Catherine O'Hara can really do no wrong in my books. They embody everything that I strive for. Smart, classy and funny as hell.


  1. Or what about Amy Poehler- she's my favourite funny gal (although Paris Hilton has been known to make me laugh, remember A Simple Life?) I agree that a genuine smile, laugh and sense of humour is more attractive than any article of clothing! Too bad many of the fabulous fashionistas are so serioud and brooding!

    1. Yes! Amy Poehler is great!! I think Paris Hilton makes us laugh for different reasons though! I was actually reading on a website a while back that Victoria Beckham, as posh and brooding as she is, is actually hysterically funny in real life! So there is hope to straddle both lines!! :)

  2. yeah having humor definitely is good, it lightens intense moments and everyone loves to laugh... Chelsea Handler was pretty good for sure (well, I liked her before she got big when she talked more on her show instead of getting others to crack jokes)


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