Monday, 15 October 2012

The Hills

There's this neat little used DVD place downtown that sells literally EVERY movie or TV show you could ever imagine. In the past we've bought everything from seasons of The OC to the first Die Hard movie. And for cheap too! You can buy a season of DVDs for like, five bucks. It's fantastic.

One of my favourite buys has to be season one of The Hills. Before the monster that was Speidi, before Justin Bobby broke Audrina's (and our) heart, The Hills was a show that focussed on Lauren Conrad following her fashion dreams in Los Angeles.

I remember watching the show with Charles and being completely absorbed in their lives. Being appalled when Lauren was given her first opportunity at the Teen Vogue young Hollywood event, and Heidi gate-crashed and got her in trouble, I was totally invested in their lives. Charles, not so much. I'm sure he thought the whole thing was kind of silly, but he sat through it with me. (Like any good boyfriend would!)

The most infuriating moment of the entire series was at the very end when Lauren is given the choice to either spend the summer with Jason Wahler in a beach house, or go intern for Vogue in Paris. The entire episode was wrought with drama and indecision. This one episode seemed to pique Charles' interests. He seemed so sure that L.C would choose Paris. To him, (and me) it was the obvious decision. Chance of a lifetime in Paris, or sweaty summer with your greasy douchebag boyfriend.

At the end of the episode, when we see Lauren unloading her suitcases at the beach house, with Jason waiting on the balcony, biding his time to screw her over, Charles became vocal.


My heart just swelled with love for my boyfriend at that moment. And now, whenever I think about ever having to choose love over career. I remember that moment and know, that I can have both. And I most likely will not end up making a career of ripping up novels to make "cute bookshelf boxes".

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  1. AWWWW!!! LOLOLOLOL! This post is too cute, hahaha The Hills will always be one of my fave reality shows. *Le sigh* Oh how I miss it!!


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