Friday, 18 January 2013


I'll start off by telling you that I have the winter blues. Yes, the blues. The lack of sunshine and inspiration has been really taking a toll on me. I'm feeling less inspired than I have been in a really long time.

At the same time I feel like this should be a time when I feel the MOST inspired. I have more free time than I did before Christmas and things are looking up. I'm back in school and looking forward to a great internship in the Spring.

That being said, I'm still down in the dumps.

On the bright side, the spring collections are slowly starting to roll into stores and I have already started curating my ideal spring wardrobe!

You guys don't need me to tell you that cobalt blue is going to be huge this season, wear it in a way that's structured and modern, I want to say the cobalts that we're going to see are going to look very futuristic.

The cobalt will also go great with another huge trend: stripes. I wore this striped shirt to school today, at the same time my Dad sent me a link to a "spring trend" article he saw and the biggest one was black and white stripes. It feels good to do something right!

Another thing I'm obsessed with lately is waxed denim. I feel like the leather legging trend is becoming a bit overplayed, and waxed denim is a great replacement for a dressy yet understated pant.

Another thing I'm started to embrace is the statement necklace. I don't feel it every day, but this crystal stunner from Club Monaco is a great way to get into the trend.

What are some of your top picks for Spring? I've only just begun getting pumped for that snow to melt!


  1. OMGGG...Cobalt Blue!! I love this and Oxblood (especially on lips and as pants)!


  2. Hopefully the snowfall we have today will inspire some nice winter outfits. I don't have much cobalt in my closet but I can never get enough of B&W stripes (I guess nautical will still be in too?) and statement necklaces. Looks like you're all set!

  3. Love cobalt too!

    I'm actually trying to find a dress in cobalt for this weekend's Fashion Week!




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