Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Regarding Nicole and Inspiration

I was looking at photos of Nicole Richie the other day and I got to thinking about style and changes and being true to yourself and all that great sentimental Born this Way stuff. I think how she went from Paris Hilton's cracked out sidekick and transformed into the woman she is now, is incredible.

I think growing up and finding out who you are is probably the coolest thing ever. (I've even dedicated a tattoo to that notion) I feel like style is like wine, it gets better with age. (Holy Cliche!!) And while I am uneasy about admitting to myself that sooner rather than later I'm going to be my early twenties version of OLD, I'm excited about developing my tastes and style and learning who I am.

Looking at Nicole I see a girl just like me, (minus the drugged out part) a girl who wanted to be accepted and loved so bad that she compromised herself and maybe did things that didn't feel natural to her. (For Ms. Richie it was getting high and going on TV with Paris Hilton, and for me it was ModRobes and Roxy Sweaters, same idea, smaller scale) And seeing how she has developed and grown into such a creative individual with such style is really inspiring to me.

A few years ago when it was still cool to be a member of silly Facebook groups, I was in one called "Nicole Richie is a crackhead but I still secretly want to be her". I like to think that even then I knew that she'd get it together and make us all proud.  

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