Tuesday, 28 February 2012

A Westboro Gem

On Saturday Charles and I did some shopping, and ended up in Westboro at Viens Avec Moi, probably one of the neatest stores I've been to in the city. 

It's an old house full of interesting pieces. The combination of Canadian Designers and big brand designers really works here, the quality seeps through the walls.

While there I found a couple drool-worthy items, a Jenny Bird clutch being one, and this great McTega belt that sadly was a bit too tight for my current winter body. Boo!

McTega Belt, Better bet you money that I'm getting a larger one ordered!

Large Ruched Clutch
Toronto-Based Designer Jenny Bird Large Ruched Clutch

Needless to say, Viens Avec Moi is going to become a staple in my shopping routine, y'all should check it out too!

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