Wednesday, 11 April 2012

what's old is new

Lately we've been watching a lot of Mad Men. I don't have cable, (I'd rather not pay $100 a month for re-runs of Criminal Minds, thankyou!) so sometimes when we find seasons of DVDs for cheap, we jump on it. Lately we've been getting Mad Men. And I'm in love. The high waisted pants, the classic lines, the cat eye sunglasses! Even though (As of season 4) January Jones' character is a miserable bitch. Her style is really instilling some style envy in me. 

Mint is huge this year, just like Gaga predicted in her "Marry the Night" video. But I also think this year is going to be a huge throwback to the 50s and 60s. The waistlines on our pants are becoming higher and strappy, angry looking gladiator sandals are being replaced with feminine wedges and platforms with delicate buckles and new materials. (Like my new Dolce Vita sandals, mixing cork with velvet?! Cool.) 

It's also refreshing to see different hemlines on skirts. I was beginning to get bored with the options we had: A-line, pencil or mini. I love the mullet skirt and the sheer skirts that are are showing up these days. It's so different and refreshing. Plus imagine how easy it would be to hit up Value Village, and chop and sew those great old tent-like skirts they always have there?! (Oh no, I've revealed my plan!) They say that in bad economic times, the hemlines get longer. If that's the case, I welcome a recession! (Not Really)

I am also so in love with mixing patterns and colours that would normally not go so well together. Pastels and bright vibrant blues and reds. And even mixing the eyelet trend with a fantastic spiked snake skin bag seems totally wearable now. 

It seems like in 2012, anything goes. Isn't it exciting?

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  1. There's nothing wrong with re-runs of Criminal Minds haha, but I wouldn't pay for it though ;)


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