Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Blue Steel, Le Tigre, Magnum

I was going through some pictures on my computer the other day and came across these HILARIOUS shots that my dear friend Julia (The Fashion Keeper!) took for me a few years ago when we lived together.

Basically, I had it in my head that I wanted to be a model. And idiotically I believed this sketchball company (I forget what they were called) when they said they could train me and help me become the next big thing in modeling. (All for the low LOW cost of X amount of dollars!)

Anyways, wanting so badly to take part in it, my parents paid the fee for me, only to never hear back from the "agency" again. Kind of a bummer experience, but one of those learning ones. I should have really known it was a scam by how unprofessional they all were. I remember the one "scout" had this horrendous pedicure and literally a GIANT floppy hat that kept flopping down into her face. Half our interview was spent by me watching her try to (unsuccessfully) wrangle the thing. 

I remember when I got home from the casting, Julia was right there with me, jumping up and down yelling "My friend is going to be a model!!!!" Always so supportive. The agency had asked me to take photos of myself to "see how photogenic" I was. So she helped me pick out a stylish yet neutral looking outfit and agreed to take some pictures for me. So we staged a mini photo shoot in our living room which quickly turned into me making silly poses and faces just to make Julia laugh.

And even when the "agency" suggested that I "Tone up" by walking 5 miles a day, she was right there too. Walking. We figured out that it was 2.5 miles from our house to Dairy Queen, so we would walk to DQ, grab a Blizzard and walk home. We were fully committed models in training I tell you. 

I really just wanted to share these photos with you guys cause I was feeling a little nostalgic, and am really starting to miss my friend. She lives in England now and is busy chasing her own fashion dreams. (which by the sounds of it, it's starting to really work out for her!) Plus I'd like to use these pictures as proof of my past skinniness, and mention that some day, (soon) I will have those legs again!

Work it!

I feel like they kind of have a Terry Richardson feel, no? The sparse white background, the furry carpets.  This is the closest I'll ever come to modelling. LOL


  1. Julia is such a sweetheart- I was lucky enough to work with her in Ottawa when she lived here- how cool that you 2 were roommates! Such adorable photos- you're so pretty and wow your legs are super toned and tanned- looking good!

  2. Aweeee Jenny!!! I miss you soooo much you don't even know! I remember those fun times with you every day! I wish I could share a part of my life with you now again and wish you share yours with me! I wish we were still creating those memories to look back to in future. But yeah, living with you was awesome!!!! I will never ever forget each and every day of it. Despite a few arguments, we were sooo happy in general ..... It's true we had sooo much laugh together! I can't wait for the time when you will come and visit me here! We will create new unforgettable memories! I miss you baby :( wish you all the best this coming year finishing journalism and going after your dream as well. Love you

    Emily, miss you too! It was such a pleasure working with you and then chilling and sharing cosmos ;)

  3. Ha ha Jen I love these shots! Best part "We figured out that it was 2.5 miles from our house to Dairy Queen, so we would walk to DQ, grab a Blizzard and walk home. We were fully committed models in training I tell you. " comedic gold I tell you.


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