Sunday, 7 July 2013

My Favourite Shorts

So I've been instagramming some selfies lately that almost exclusively feature my new most favourite pair of shorts from The Gap.

As I mentioned back in the early spring, Summer equals cutoffs for me, and I rarely want to wear anything other than some comfy, slouchy shorts when it's hot out.

These shorts are perfect for many reasons. They're longer than the average denim short, which is ideal for tall girls like me, and girls who have thicker thighs (like me).

They're also the perfect wash and distressed enough to look cool but not disrespectful. I love that they're cuffed, and a higher waist, so that I can wear them with anything.

In conclusion. I might be going to The Gap again to buy some more of these puppies.

Do you have anything that you can't stop wearing in summer?