Tuesday 30 October 2012

Bon Chic, Bon Genre, Bon Leggings, Bon Coat.

BCBG seems to be reading my mind these days. These leggings are out of this world and my blazer and coat obsessions would be quenched for a bit with these two beautiful jackets.

Monday 29 October 2012

Mad Men inspired shoot for Glue Magazine

This weekend I styled and shot my first real photo shoot! It's going to be in the Fall 2013 issue of Glue Magazine, a student publication thats available at campuses all over Ottawa, the photos are to highlight a great article by the lovely Caitie McRae.

Here are some "behind the scenes shots".  For the full thing, you'll have to pick up Glue magazine in the fall!

I got these photos from Darcy Boucher's instagram. She was one of my fantastic models for the day and  a blog of her own! Check her out! 

Thursday 25 October 2012

Algonquin Style.

For the first issue of the Algonquin Times this fall, I was able to do some "Campus Style" shots. But obviously only having space for so many, a lot of them didn't end up in the paper. I here are some Style Shots I took around campus.

Aren't we a stylish bunch? ;)

Love these Skull bracelets!

These boots were INSANE! 

When I was younger, I had to BEG my mom to buy be a Jansport backpack. They're totally making a comeback, and seeing the cool patterns they have now, you can see why!

It's no secret that nail art is sweeping the campus. I love these neon nails!

Such a cool vintage watch!

I LOVE the leather detailing on this backpack!

Wednesday 24 October 2012

What does #OTTStyle mean to you!?

Ottawa may have a rep for being a sleepy city in Lululemons and Ugg boots, but we know better.

Ottawa is chock full of stylish ladies and gents and St. Laurent Centre wants you to showcase your personal style on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram for the chance to win an iPhone 5!

Seriously, all you have to do is upload your photo with the tag #OTTStyle! All of the entries will be posted on St. Laurent's Facebook page and on October 26th it will be open to voting!

This is such a neat competition! Make sure you enter!! I did! :)


Monday 22 October 2012

The House That Pinterest Built

Lately I've become completely obsessed with the idea of not living in a sub-standard apartment building. Don't get me wrong, my apartment is nice, but having to depend on elevators and put up with the idiotic musings of rude people in the lobby, is starting to get really old.

Ok, it's not starting to get old. It IS old. Anyways, here's my dream house on Pinterest. I'll break it down, room by room.

The Entrance.
A well-lit, classy yet functional entryway with a giant mirror would be perfect for me. That way, I don't have to run into our bedroom all the time for that "one last" once-over to make sure I look presentable.

/ Entry symmetry

The Living Room
Exactly what it says, the room where we do our living. If I didn't have kitties, I would all over getting a leather sofa, but since they would shred that faster than you can say "scratching post" I guess it will always be a dream!

 Living room gallery

There isn't much that makes me as giddy as I get when I see a beautiful kitchen. A huge sink with all stainless steel appliances is probably as close to heaven as I'm ever going to get.


A Workspace to Call My Own
Right now, I've got all my stuff strewn across various parts of our apartment, all my clothes and shoes are hanging out in the bedroom, my makeup and whatnot in the bathroom and my school supplies are all over the living room and dining room. This could be rectified with my own personal working room. A desk where I could do all my (positive) writing and (negative) bill paying, and then included in the room I could cultivate my own clothing museum...

let's get some shoes

Even though I may not be practicing what I preach right now, I firmly believe that the bedroom should be as uncluttered and serene as possible. Our current room would be hitting the nail right on the head if it wasn't for the tornado known as OFW that I'm too lazy to clean up after. This room here would be ideal. A nice low bed perfect for collapsing into. 

I've been noticing now, for months that the hallway leading the parking garage in my building (DON'T EVEN get me started on what I think about parking garages) kind of smells like mould. It's nasty...and thinking like a rational person, I would have thought that having a great smelly and damp hallway would be high on the list of things to fix. But no, the other day I come home to find that the latest bit of revamping that was done in my building, was the painting of the lobby, which was last done like FIVE MONTHS AGO. Seriously? 

I think I need to make this dream home a reality sooner rather than later because if apartment living doesn't drive me mental, it will surely kill me of mould poisoning. 

Monday 15 October 2012

The Hills

There's this neat little used DVD place downtown that sells literally EVERY movie or TV show you could ever imagine. In the past we've bought everything from seasons of The OC to the first Die Hard movie. And for cheap too! You can buy a season of DVDs for like, five bucks. It's fantastic.

One of my favourite buys has to be season one of The Hills. Before the monster that was Speidi, before Justin Bobby broke Audrina's (and our) heart, The Hills was a show that focussed on Lauren Conrad following her fashion dreams in Los Angeles.

I remember watching the show with Charles and being completely absorbed in their lives. Being appalled when Lauren was given her first opportunity at the Teen Vogue young Hollywood event, and Heidi gate-crashed and got her in trouble, I was totally invested in their lives. Charles, not so much. I'm sure he thought the whole thing was kind of silly, but he sat through it with me. (Like any good boyfriend would!)

The most infuriating moment of the entire series was at the very end when Lauren is given the choice to either spend the summer with Jason Wahler in a beach house, or go intern for Vogue in Paris. The entire episode was wrought with drama and indecision. This one episode seemed to pique Charles' interests. He seemed so sure that L.C would choose Paris. To him, (and me) it was the obvious decision. Chance of a lifetime in Paris, or sweaty summer with your greasy douchebag boyfriend.

At the end of the episode, when we see Lauren unloading her suitcases at the beach house, with Jason waiting on the balcony, biding his time to screw her over, Charles became vocal.


My heart just swelled with love for my boyfriend at that moment. And now, whenever I think about ever having to choose love over career. I remember that moment and know, that I can have both. And I most likely will not end up making a career of ripping up novels to make "cute bookshelf boxes".

Saturday 6 October 2012



In all seriousness though I have some ideas for outfits. I went to Club Monaco this week and got a few really classy and slick looking pieces that I CANNOT wait to wear. And did you know that Club Monaco gives a 20% student discount when you show your student card? AMAZING. I knew I went to college for something.

I've got about 3/4 of my outfits figured out, but I keep looking on Pinterest and other sites and I keep coming up with different things that I want to wear. Further proof that planning outfits for a few days only opens the door to planning outfits for your entire life. I almost wish there was more events or days for me to dress up for. But to be honest, I don't think my pocketbook could handle it.

This time next week I am going to be knee-deep in fashion and I can't tell you how excited I am. If you haven't gotten your ticket for OFW yet, hurry up and get one here! You won't want to miss it!

Monday 1 October 2012

Funny Face

As much as I love fashion I can't help but feel that shoes and bags and clothes are not my favourite thing to see on a woman. Sure, I love getting together with a group of girls and chatting about clothes and whatnot. And talking to people about how much I love their necklace/sweater/belt/wallet is one of my other favourite past times. But I always discard the fact that more than any of these things, is my love of laughing.

I feel like the best accessory any woman can have is a sense of humour. I've always been drawn to really funny females. There is nothing more stylish to me than a confident woman who knows she can be witty and make people laugh.

I think that a funny woman can make anything look cool. And I've always felt that when I see or meet funny women, I'm always left wishing I was as cool as they are.

It's so easy to be a female in this day and age and only have on dimension. (Think Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian) I think that a female that can be self deprecating and funny and witty and scathing is just about the coolest thing a woman can be.

I've recently started following Jenny Johnson on Twitter, and if you aren't offended easily, and love funny women as much as I do, I suggest you do the same. She has me in stitches every day.

Only recently have I realized that in my life, I'm better off striving to be the funny girl rather than the pretty girl, or the sexy girl. I want to be a Tina Fey, a Chelsea Handler or even a Gilda Radner. Women like Kristen Wiig and Catherine O'Hara can really do no wrong in my books. They embody everything that I strive for. Smart, classy and funny as hell.