Sunday, 20 May 2012

Long Weekend in Instagram

I hope you all are having as nice a weekend as I am! The weather has been perfect! We've gone biking and hiking and walking and eating and drinking! It has been fabulous!

On Saturday, Justyna from Chameleonic took some street style photos in Chinatown, (Keep an eye out!) then Charles and I went for a nice long bike ride around town, that ended in a yummy dinner and beer at the Mill St Brewery. 

Today was even more beautiful (if possible) but my legs were a little too sore to go biking again. So instead we went to Gatineau park and took a hike. It was GORGEOUS. So much fun, I can't even believe that we still have tomorrow too!

I'm going to need a long weekend to recover after this long weekend!

  1. Beer tasting at Mill St. Brewery! My Favourite is the Lemon Tea Beer. So refreshing!
  2. Is that  VIEW or what?? The crazy hike was well worth the view from the top. You could literally see all the way to Kanata!
  3. A lot of our hike today consisted of this amazing all-green canopy. It was like a different world! 
  4. A Charles and Jen hike wouldn't be a hike if we didn't stop to take some silly photos.

  1. Silly poses galore!
  2. I'm the only girl in Gatineau today hiking in a silk BCBG blouse and gladiator sandals. Not practical, but I don't think I've ever been a practical one.
  3. Check out my mussels! har har
  4. These are my hiking boots...for real.

That's my weekend so far! I hope you guys are having just as much fun!

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  1. hahahahahhahahaha you are hilarious, Jenny! looks like so much fun! I always have such a good laugh when I read your posts! glad you are going back to journalism to finish your degree! you are an inspiring and funny writer! just saying :) Love you


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