Saturday 5 May 2012

Sick day.

There's about 10,000 amazing things about living with the boy you love: spiders get killed, broken things get fixed, heavy stuff gets lifted. And the obvious one, having someone in your life to share things with and build a home together. It's great for sure. But one thing that is not great is the sharing of the closets. Try curating your half of the closet while trying to respect the other person's side. It's hard. I don't want to make it sound like I have this miniscule closet and Charles takes up all the space, that's not how it is at all, but since moving in together we've purchased bins to store the items we don't wear as much, which to me is a new concept. I'm used to having the whole closet (Plus some rolling racks) in plain view for me to look at and admire at all times.

So today I'm sick, I'm sneezing, coughing, sore throat-ing, the works. But that didn't stop me from going through the bins and finding things that I haven't worn in ages, and that maybe, I'd like to wear again. It's almost like shopping because you are kind of getting new things.

Now to add another dynamic to this thrilling tale of lost items being returned to their former glory; a lot of the things I originally put in the bins, were put there to keep me from getting depressed. As I gained weight over the past year or two, a lot of my old skirts and tops just didn't fit me anymore. So taking them out today also served as an experiment to see how well I was doing in my weight-loss adventure.

The results were GOOD. A lot of the skirts fit me, and I could even pull up my size 2 Gap dress pants from two summers ago! (Zippering them up is a different story) But still...YES!

This time last year, this skirt wouldn't even make it up my legs! Winning!!

This week I found myself thinking that I should buy some graphic tees to wear under blazers...Lo and behold. The bins deliver. Also should mention that I got this necklace at the Jenny Bird trunk sale that took place at Viens Avec Moi last weekend. Jenny Bird is honestly the sweetest woman ever, and this necklace is my new favourite. I haven't taken it off all week.

My dear friend Braeden gave me this sweater. It's by a clothing company owned by his friend. It's a little short on me, but with high waisted stuff it's great. I'm glad to have it back!!

I also forgot how much I love this vest from BCBG. Its such a great layering piece for spring!

This Jenny Bird necklace is also a really cool layering necklace, here I'm wearing it with a House of Harlow piece. Loving all this new jewelry.

I also got some lovely bracelets at the trunk show last week. The gold one closes with a magnet! The awesome thing about Jenny Bird stuff is that it almost looks better when you pile it on with more jewelry. It's just effortless and cool. Definitely check out Viens Avec Moi in Westboro for more from her!

And since I got to take glamour shots on the balcony today, I thought Charles' precious Road King could too. Apparently this rusted, "Rescue bike" (He found it in a trash can in Southern Ontario) is the best riding bike you will ever have the pleasure to sit on. I haven't had the chance yet, so I can't confirm, but isn't it a pretty colour!


  1. Glad to see you have made the most of your down time :) I hope you will feel better soon!

  2. Yes, that vest looks amazing! I love it! And yay for fitting into old clothes :) Congrats!

    And graphic tees are great with blazers, so I probably should get a few new ones haha ;)

  3. i love rediscovering old things, too. better yet when they have a new purpose! love those tees and the vest!



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