Sunday, 3 June 2012

make-up-less sunday art

With Charles in the studio, and my laziness at a record high, today was the perfect opportunity to have a "Make-up-less Sunday" I didn't do my hair or put any makeup on. I did my chores, dishes, vacuum, fold the laundry, and then proceeded to look around the apartment for something fun to do. 

What I found was an old record frame we had laying around, (as music lovers, we are big fans of putting records in frames to use as wall-art, and when the frames are on sale, we buy a few just in case.) I also found a few magazines laying around and decided to make myself a little collage for my vanity. 

Just sitting at my Dining table, singing some Kelly Clarkson, makin' a collage. RELAXATION.
I feel like making collages is the easiest, and most fun way to inspire yourself and showcase your interests in your house. Literally all you have to do is rip up a magazine and organize in a frame, (or on a book, or on a chair, like I tend to do) I don't even use glue, I just tape the images in a couple areas and use the glass of the frame to hold the collage together. SO EASY. 

Anyways, here's the finished product on top of my dresser. When he gets home I may ask Charles to actually mount it on the wall (since I'm a total Mangler I like to leave putting holes in the walls to Charles) but part of me likes it just chilling the way it is.

Gisele in Givenchy, J. Brand, a couple editorials, Prada sunglasses and some Stella McCartney flowers makes for  some sweet inspiration when getting ready in the morning. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend! 

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  1. This turned out great! I've been saving up old magazines for a while :) I should probably do something like this soon! Love it!


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