Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Covetable Canadian Jewelry - Biko

When it comes to jewelry, I LOVE supporting Canadian designers. (it's a good idea to support ANYTHING Canadian, but I especially love Canadian jewelry designers!) I feel like anything that's made by someone who isn't a big brand, (popping out a million pairs of earrings a week) is special.

The other day I was at Magpie in the mall when I came across another really cool, eye-catching collection. The salesgirl told me it was by Biko, a Toronto-based company. So I knew I just had to get something. (Especially since I had been sitting on a Magpie store credit for a few months that was almost the EXACT amount as one of the really cool Biko bracelets.)

I wish I had more to spend because the jewelry is so ME. I liked pretty much everything in the display case. The price point is also great considering that the jewelry is all hand made. So you know lots of love and care went into it. 

Check out their latest lookbook, "A Light Odyssey Into Tomorrow", over at their website, here. Or take a look at their blog, here.  I am so in love!

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