Sunday, 23 September 2012

Boots Boots Boots Boots EVERYBODY!

Looking through my shoe closet right now, it would appear that I have an obsession. Which, at this time of year is kind of good. But kind of sad at the same time because my shoe collection is lacking in other departments.

What I'm talking about is my love of boots. After yanking out all the boots that I own, I realize that I have 9 pairs of boots. By all "shopping addict" standards, 9 pairs of something is not really THAT excessive. But for me, it is.

Looking at all these suckers, I feel like I've got all the bases covered, glitter booties (from the vlogger sale a few weeks ago!), suede booties, knee high boots, rubber boots, combat boots and even cowboy boots.

But the other day...
I was at the Rideau Centre and saw the most gorgeous pair of gold and black booties at the new store Little Burgundy. They look so much like the Chloe Susanna bootie that the only thing that tipped me off that they weren't them, was the price! Although the price was still a little steep for my current budget, they are still in the back of my mind!

Hello beautiful...
I also saw these AMAZING capped toe booties at Zara that resemble these Alice and Olivia boots, except instead of gold, they are capped with silver. WAAAAANT.

Like this only silver!

So I think the moral of this story is that a Canadian girl can never have too many boots and that I need to save some money to add these lovelies to my collection. 


  1. So many great pairs of boots! I especially love the grey ones on the end, and I totally agree with you, their could never be a limit on the number of boots you own!

    1. Thanks! It's so true. Especially in Canada when 8 out of 12 months are cold enough to wear boots!

  2. You read my mind!!

    I've been a little boot crazy lately,

    I just got a pair of thrifted black "riding boots" and rubber ankle boots this week,

    BUT I apparently need a new pair of winter boots this season and I'm totally stumped (Sorel's didn't work out for me very well)

    Any ideas!!?

    1. I was really impressed with those hunter boots for winter. You can buy these really awesome fleece sockies to put in them that totally make them warm and waterproof! They're a little pricy though in my opinion. So I saved up for the boots myself and got the sockies as a present! Another boot I love for winter, that I actually forgot to include in the picture! ARGH! Are a pair of my Mom's old Hush Puppies lace up booties! They're kind of like a combat boot style, but a little more classic looking and they're fleecy on the inside too!
      Rubber ankle boots sound interesting!! I can't wait to see them!! :)


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