Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Vlogger Haul.

I have been so fabulously busy this week I can't even begin to tell you how exciting it is. School is starting to a get a little intense, but I'm really excited to work really hard and just ROCK IT. Work is also quite busy and my volunteer commitments are starting to get a bit cray too, but to be honest, despite how tired I am and how much I may complain about not having free time, I am truly loving every minute of it.

I was also given the amazing opportunity to compete as a finalist for the Place d'Orleans Fashion Vlogger Search this past weekend. It was such a fun day! Not only did I get $200 to buy the latest fall trends from the mall, but I also got to meet some really cool bloggers from around the city! Since the main reason I started this little blog was to become more involved with the fashion community in Ottawa, I think taking part in the Vlogger Search was a success! Even though I didn't win (Congrats Amanda!) I still had the best time and came away with some great items!

Our task for the day was to buy items that illustrated four things: A hot fall colour, shape, texture, and pattern. We were given an hour and a half and $200 to "go nuts".

My Haul! And Baxter, apparently trying to let me know he likes the jacket best.

The thing about cats is that if you lay anything down anywhere, they will lay on top of it. Science!

One of the first things I picked was this amazing leather jacket from Dynamite, even though it's mostly white, it's still hot for fall. Not wearing white after Labour Day is so over and this jacket is going to look amazing once it cools down a bit.

I then got these great booties from Spring. To be honest, normally I am a bit of a shoe snob. If they cost less than $100 bucks, the snob in me assumes that they're garbage and I move on. These booties were less than $100 and I LOVE THEM. I think bringing sequins into the day is a great trend to try out and everyone needs a pair of these black newbury booties. These ones in particular remind me of these Guiseppe Zanotti mixed texture booties, except, ya know, a fraction of the price!

I also hit up Urban Planet, which, I can actually say I haven't set foot in an Urban Planet since one opened in my hometown like 6 years ago, but I was surprised to find some really cute accessories! AND FOR CHEAP. Impressive!

I'd really like to thank Place d'Orleans for inviting me to be a finalist. And congrats to all other girls, who also got a bunch of fabulous stuff!!


  1. Hmm wonder what fabulous fashionista found those booties?:) Just joking, they suited you to a tee! And how adorable is Baxter! I am feeling very busy too but in a bad, stressed out, overwhelmed kind of way, need to cut things off my plate!

    1. I'm not going to lie, when you passed on the booties I was so happy I could get them! Hahaha and definitely girl, feeling overwhelmed is never fun. Downsizing is usually a good idea! :)


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