Saturday, 25 February 2012

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After yesterday's snowstorm and subsequent traffic jam, (Over an hour to get to Orleans!) I wanted to go places today!

So we bundled up and headed down to lower Dalhousie to Young Janes. As always, the place delivers, and I got this stunning bag in the nicest shade of...well I don't even know what to call this colour, so I'm going to call it Coral Green. Its so vibrant! 

We also hit up this store that I had never been in before called Wunderkammer, a jewelry store. While there it was noted that I will basically drool over any quirky object on a long chain. (A long necklace with an old spoon at the end! YES) Oddly enough I didn't come out with a necklace, but in fact secured the cutest camel scarf with little zebras on it. (Ha! A camel scarf with zebras!)

All in all it was a very successful day, especially considering that I spent less than $40, and supported local businesses. 

I suggest anyone who is in the market for stand-out accessories or vintage pieces with character, to check out the new Young Janes location and please hit up Wunderkammer as well! 

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