Friday 24 February 2012

Ciao, Manhattan

A couple years ago I was obsessed with Edie Sedgwick, an iconic Warhol girl who set the world on fire in the 1960's. She was also an amphetamine addict and burned out way before she should have but while she was here she was the bees knees.  She was such a tragic figure that represented great style and vulnerability and I just wanted to emulate her. 

So much of what we think is glamorous can be traced back to Edie Sedgwick wearing it in the '60s: Chandelier earrings, black tights, fur and so much more. And I guarantee that every photo snapped of her over 50 years ago still would make it in today's fashion spreads.

Shopbop, $134
                    Oscar de la Renta¬†
                       Oscar de la Renta, $395
Image 1 of Pieces Wet Look Leggings
Asos, $22
  It really blows my mind that such trends and style remain after 50 years. Although she lived a tumultuous life that ultimately ended in tragedy, I think Edie is inspiring for her contribution to our idea of style and glamour. 

I've often thought of trying to go as Edie Sedgwick for Halloween, so many pros and yet so many cons! (I'd be buying things that I would wear every day and I would look hella cool in all the photos, but I'd also have to explain to everyone what I am supposed to be, and then get flack from all the witches and sexy nurses for not putting a huge effort to look wacky)
For now I guess I'll just have to settle for drawing inspiration for every day life.



  1. damn that edie! damnit, i wish i had some de la renta in my wardrobe! (she's got kick ass style, effortless and breezy!)

  2. Agreed! And I believe we all could use some de la renta in our wardrobes!


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