Monday, 26 March 2012

Stylebooking like it's my job

The Stylebook app for iPhone just got better! Or maybe it got better a while ago and I just discovered it recently. But regardless, you can now shop straight from the Stylebook app and import your shopping wish lists right into your virtual Stylebook closet. Building looks and planning your purchases, has literally never been easier. 

I would be ecstatic if my Stylebook closet was my actual closet. Let's work on that. 

This look is so fun, I love the floral print trousers. It would be a great transition outfit, some bright colours for spring, boots for to keep your feets warm and this great leather pouch belt. So new and refreshing! Plus, I'm a sucker for denim shirts. It must be the country girl in me. 

I feel like this look is kind of like if Morticia Adams went to Miami Beach. Super fun, great evening look for those hot summer nights that I keep dreaming about. (When will they get here?!?!) Does anyone else think these Miu Miu shoes are the bees knees? All of their shoes are so FUN.

I just love the neon yellow with the lilac purple. 2012 is all about being daring with colour. With some dark denim and a cute cropped sweater, it's a great look that can go from day to night. And the Mulberry Alexa with the teddy bear details is honestly irresistible. And just so everyone knows, I am currently accepting donations for the "Get Jen a Mulberry Bag Foundation". 

I did a post a while back on style icon Edie Sedgwick, and ever since then I've been obsessed with these Oscar de la Renta earrings, they're just so vintage looking and fabulous, I'll have to find myself a budget-friendly version. Anyways, I love this outfit with the purple and cream, and pops of turquoise. And since I already have this dress, I'm 20% there. 

Again, a great transition outfit, very simple, but with great detail and texture. Monopolizing on the coloured denim trend, with a simple silk tank top and a lovely, crisp crochet blazer. I also love this Rebecca Minkoff bag. It reminds me of something you would carry to a beach house. This whole outfit in fact belongs in the Hamptons. Step 1: Get this outfit. Step 2: Make friends with someone who lives in the Hamptons. YES.

I wish Stylebooking was my job. 

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