Sunday, 25 March 2012

Trash to Beauty

Today was a little bit more chilly than what we've been used to here in Ottawa the past few days. While it's not sandal weather anymore, it is still absolutely gorgeous outside.

We took a little stroll up the hill in front of our apartment. Years and years ago (Like before any of us were born) this hill was the Ottawa dump. (ewwwww) But now it's just a big hill where people take their dogs to run.

Look Closely and you can just see the top of the Parliament Buildings!

Our Side of the Hill
Surveying the Land

Its so stunning, because on one side of the hill you see a misty landscape that is our downtown core, (look closely, and you can see Parliament!) and on the other side is our home, and a really grassy view, hard to tell you're in the city when there's this much foliage around you. Just how I like it.

I Whip my Hair back and forth

The grass doesn't seem to know what to do, "do I wake up and start growing? Or do I keep sleeping?" As much as this weather is confusing the wilderness, it's also confusing people.

Last night, driving through downtown we saw a few girls scantily clad in the shortest tank dresses and gladiator sandals. It wasn't even that warm yesterday...It may be nice weather, but it's still March!

Either way, it was nice to take a little stroll around the garbage hill. (I feel like that's a sentence not many people can say with sincerity)


  1. Omg, your shirt has totally Russian writing on it! !!!!!!! Says death in the first line as well but in Russian!!!

  2. Haha! I bought it for EXACTLY that reason. I said "Charles, this shirt has Russian on it, and I'm lacking Russian in my life right now." AKA YOU!!! xoxo


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