Sunday 11 March 2012

sunday funday

It's sunday and I have literally nothing to do. My dishes are done, my apartment is clean. I've already accomplished my workout (2000 sweat points in Just Dance!) and now I sit here watching the kitties sleep. Excellent.

While I love the weekends we share together and the fun stuff Charles and I do on our time off, sometimes it's nice to just sit in our room alone and play dress up while singing Britney Spears. It makes me feel like I'm 14 again, where my biggest worry on the weekend was what to wear to school on Monday.

I had a huge lapse in brain function this week when I went to the dentist and the assistant looked at my file and said, "Wow Jen, we haven't seen you since 2008." And me, the genius, said "ohmygosh, two years is so long!" I really thought it was still 2010. When I got home I thought to myself, two years...wait no... FOUR YEARS. I was astounded, both at the fact four years had gone by without me noticing, and that I had only one small cavity after not seeing a dentist for four years. 

But anyways, it's nice to have nothing on the go today. The past couple weeks have been filled with potentially life changing appointments, a little stress and a lot of naps. Today I feel almost liberated. Free to do my thang. And on this Sunday my thing just so happens to be trying on every item in my closet and belting out hits from the early 2000's!

Happy Lazy Sunday folks!

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