Tuesday 15 May 2012

A bike ride in instagram

I love our weekend bike rides. In my opinion Ottawa is at its finest when you're riding through the paths and streets on a bike. There are so many great locations that just make your heart swell. I'm so glad to live in such a gorgeous city. Ottawa is known for being a bit of a sleepy town, but I feel like the city is what you make it. And while we're biking around I feel anything but sleepy.

Although I will say that biking is not the best opportunity to showcase your fashionista side: most of the time I can't manage anything more exciting than some Keds and cutoffs. But some days are meant for experiences, not fashion. (note: that will be the ONLY time you ever hear me say that!) :)

Waterfall overlooking the Ottawa River, don't quote me on this, but I'm pretty sure  they filmed Project Runway Canada around here...again, do not quote me. I may have made that up.

Just across the river is Quebec, in case you didn't know. This is the Canadian Museum of Civilization. Gorgeous building, and FYI, you can actually book weddings here...WINK WINK

Ottawa is full of little secret gardens. Such a nice little area to stop for a rest and...
Admire the Tulips! The Tulip Festival is going on right now, the city is literally blooming. 

So many bike paths run literally 2 feet away from the river. So scenic!

Bike Riding Uniform: Cutoffs, Keds, Sunnies, Men's shirt from Value Village

Due to my bike riding uniform and subsequent make-up application, I was dead against having my picture taken. But look at that view! That may or may not be the Mill St Brew Pub, which happens to be on my list of restaurants to go to this summer...
So that was part of my weekend, and I look forward to spending many weekends to come doing the exact same thing!!


  1. awe, Jenny this is beautiful!!!! i miss those sceneries so much! miss you love!


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