Monday 14 May 2012

8 Simple Things...

I know you all are like me, rabid with thoughts of swimsuits and shorts and sandals. Just WAITING for the summer. But as some of you know, I'm going back to school in the fall, so this is my last summer for a little while with a full-time-job paycheque. I've been really thinking about buying things that are the most bang for your buck (be able to wear them all year round). So I put together a list of 8 things that I think are perfect for right now (aka spring/summer) but will also transition perfectly into fall.

1. A casual, mens inspired blouse. Looks great with jeans or tucked into shorts and skirts. During the hot summer months, an oversized, breezy blouse is great for the sweating situation. And in the fall would still look great under a blazer or leather jacket. 

2. Leather shorts. May not be the best choice for those summer bike rides, but would look totally killer for hot summer nights. In the fall and winter, leather shorts would be great under tights with some heels or boots. Tuck your casual mens inspired blouse into them for great contrast.

3. Summer boots. Blog readers will know that I actually have these boots. I think they're the best purchase I've made in 2012 so far. They look great with jeans, dresses and shorts. In the fall they'll work with pretty much everything, but save them for the nicer fall days, 'cause these puppies are suede!

4. A bright blazer. While brights are associated with summer, I think some of them can be transitioned into fall nicely, shades like royal blue and purple will still look great in the fall.

5. A structured day-wear dress. A dress like this would be swell in the summer, when it's too warm to really put much effort into your outfit. And in the fall you can slap on some tights and a leather jacket and it's still swell.

6. JEANS. Again you guys, I'm obsessed with these jeans. I want them so bad! Even though it's hot in the summer, and usually we want to show off our killer tans, there are some days when it's a bit windy or chilly or rainy. Thats where the perfect jeans come in. And obviously they work in the fall too. Hopefully by the time I hit college again I'll be living in these suckers.

7. Jewel toned silk shorts. In the summer, on bare legs, with a simple tee or crop top, these shorts would be great. And just like the leather shorts, in the fall put some tights on underneath. When it's cold out, I am ALL ABOUT wearing shorts with tights. 

8. Scarves. For those days where it's too warm for a jacket, but too cold for a tank top, scarves are king!  Likewise in the fall, I love wearing scarves to add some dimension to what I'm wearing.


  1. love your picks, esp the blazer!! and yeah scarves are a big part of my life haha

  2. obsessing over that dress! and great little picks, that blue blazer looks like so much fun!!
    xo TJ


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