Thursday 24 May 2012


OK you guys. I wanna talk about something REALLY serious now. I'm gonna lay down some real hard hitting journalism-type stuff and I'm sorry if some of you don't agree with me. But it's something that just needs to be said...ok, here goes. 

I LOVE Dr. Pepper lip smacker.

While going to Sephora and picking out tons of big girl makeup is fun and in my opinion, being able to buy good quality makeup is part of being a a sophisticated woman; I will NEVER be able to give up my Doctor Pep. I buy them in bulk, every time I find myself in a Shoppers Drugmart, I always have an excuse to sashay my way to the Bonne Bell section and grab at least three or four Dr. Pepper lip smackers. (by the way am I the ONLY one who just realized it was BONNE bell not BONNIE bell???) My apartment is literally a graveyard of lost Lip Smackers. I'll find them in old coats, unused purses, drawers, under the couch, in pants that I don't wear often matter where I go or what I do, a Dr. Pepper lip chap is not far behind me. And that's the way I like it. If I lose my Dr. Pepper lip smacker I am literally lost, "I can't find it....CHARLES!!!! Have you seen my lip chap??? Where is it?!?! Oh my god, I can't find it....oh, wait here it is...NEVERMIND! I FOUND IT!!"

Dakota is DEAD SERIOUS about Dr. Pepper lip chap.
But why do I have such an attachment to what is perceived as a little girls pre-cursor to real makeup? I'll tell you, most lip glosses or lip sticks make my lips feel suffocated. While I like wearing makeup on a regular basis, I don't enjoy feeling like my face is hiding behind some mask of product. Dr. Pepper lip smacker is the perfect combination of moisture and colour. It gives your lips a nice healthy sheen, without being too glossy, and provides a nice pinky colour that doesn't look harsh or fake. 

I remember reading in a magazine a long time ago that some makeup company was creating a lipstick that was EXACTLY the shade of Natalie Portman's lips. It said the designer or whatever thought the colour of her lips was so beautiful, they wanted it immortalized in a lipstick. I also read that Natalie was really excited about this lipstick in the shade of herself, and I always thought it was hilarious to think of Natalie Portman wearing 'Natalie Portman' lipstick. But that's how I feel about Bonne Bell Dr. Pepper lip smacker. It was MADE for me. 

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