Friday, 25 May 2012

Weekend Warrior

I am starting tor relish the weekends more and more. Trying to jam as much fun into them as possible! Every day is a fashion show in my own mind. And my Friday-Sunday are usually filled with at least 6 outfit changes.

This look would be great for just takin' a stroll and shopping or something.

Ditto for this one, in the summer, I live in cutoffs, pairing them with a bright blazer and hints of snakeskin looks so chic and effortless.

Charles' band (Right by Midnight, check them out! They're really good!) is playing a show on Saturday downtown. An outfit like this would be perfect, a cool graphic tee with some fun accessories, great look for a show. 

As is such with the gorgeous weather, a night on the town is more than just sprinting from cab to club as fast as you can. Let your outfit reflect that. I love the pattern on this dress and aren't those heels to die for!?

Last weekend was such a blast, it's gunna be tough to top it this weekend, but by golly, we can try! What are you guys up to this weekend?

(All outfits created by Me using the Stylebook app for iPhone, Clothes are from Net-A-Porter, Mulberry, Michael Kors, Aritzia and Shopbop)


  1. gorgeous looks!! will be going shopping at the outlets in the states! have a good weekend!

    Glass of Fashion

  2. aww, the second and third look are my absolute favorite!!!
    xo TJ


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