Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Right By Midnight and The Big Money Shot!

Blog readers! Normally I DESPISE the whole "Like" this or "Follow" that internet scene, but I'm going to make an exception right now.

Right by Midnight (the band Charles is in) is competing in our local radio station's (Live 88.5) "Big Money Shot". It's kind of like a Battle of the Bands only a lot more complicated and with a lot more at stake. The winner gets a BUTTLOAD of funding for their band to make an album, tour, or whatever. And Right by Midnight has made it past the first few rounds! It's so exciting!

But now it gets intense, last weekend they were sent to Toronto to record one song in 12 hours with an established producer. (The guy who produced their song also produced the Proud-to-Be-Canadian song "If I Had a Million Dollars" SO COOL) So the guys took the day off work and headed down to the big city. They recorded until 3am to get this song done.  And now Live 88.5 has put all the bands' songs up on their Facebook page and are leaving it up to the fans to vote!

Now I know every girl whose boyfriend is in a band will tell you that their boyfriend's band is the bees knees, when really...they aren't. (Trust me, I used to date a guy who called his type of singing, "pig squealing"...yeah)  But I can tell you right now that Right by Midnight deserves to go to the next round. So if you're feeling generous or curious, or if you just want to support local music, go to the Live 88.5 Facebook page (Just search for live 88.5) and vote for RIGHT BY MIDNIGHT. If not because they're a really great hard-working band, vote to ensure that some day Charles is a super famous washed out rock star and our crazy lives can be documented on reality TV a la "Osbournes". SHAAAROOOOOOONNNNNNNNNN!!

Thank you. That is all. :)

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