Friday, 7 September 2012

Rachel Comey is My New Best Friend

With NYFW going on right now, the blogging world is abuzz with everything fashion. But for those of us at home, nowhere near the epicenter of all things fashion, does NYFW really mean anything? I'm really halfheartedly following the coverage. Sure, I'm interested in seeing the new collections and maybe finding some new designers to add to my list of, "If I wasn't broke as f*ck I'd want to buy your clothes", but things like watching bloggers "prep" for these events or read posts about how to get snapped by a street style photographer, is just not very interesting to me.

That being said, during my fashion-blog perusing today I did happen to see the latest from Rachel Comey. I had never heard of her before like a month ago but once I saw some of her designs, I immediately felt an affinity for her. I love clothes that are chic and have a sort of "boyish" sense to them.

These designs just feel so...COOL. It's like wearing them you will be that girl you see who looks great but isn't too fussy about fashion. It's all just very effortless, while still being dynamic and interesting. The shoes alone look like they could take any old Plain-Jane outfit beyond the stratosphere of cool.

Here are some of my favourite looks from the show this week.

(Photos from Fashionista)

But what really caught my eye a month ago was the Fall collection. (I always love Fall more than Spring!)

(Photos from


  1. Wow the second dress is just perfect! I love the prints! Have you received the clapperboard for the vlogger search contest at Place d'Orleans ( Is it something you might be interested to? Just to let you know, each of the 10 finalists will be given $200 in Place d’Orléans Gift Cards to find items they will use in their finalist vlog so it definitely worth the try! The contest ends on Sunday so I thought I should give you a shout! I hope to see your vlog soon!

    1. I have heard about the contest, but I didn't get a clapperboard! It's just a matter of me making it out to Orleans to enter! Thanks for the reminder though! :)


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