Wednesday, 2 January 2013

B-Day Probs

As much as I love fashion and getting dressed up, the idea of dressing for specific occasions completely terrifies me. It's my birthday on Friday and Saturday I'm going out with some friends and I have literally NO IDEA what to wear. I have so many clothes that are appropriate for things like, "work" and "going out during the day"; the "nightclub" section of my closet is seriously lacking. Not to mention the fact that unlike many girls, the idea of dressing to go to the club doesn't really appeal to me. I am NOT the type of girl to throw on a dress and a tiara and demand drinks be bought for me because 24 years ago I was being birthed. No, I much prefer a more low-key look. I think I'm feeling maybe some waxed jeans with a cool t-shirt and some statement jewelry. Thoughts?

Sequined leggings could be interesting too!

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  1. Happy birthday Jen! No only would wearing jeans/leggings be totally cool and appropriate, it would probably be much more weather-friendly. I think these are perfect edgy, downtown/night-out looks. The bit of sparkle in each adds a touch of festivity.

    Hope you'll post whatever you end up wearing, and best of all HAVE FUN!


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