Thursday, 16 May 2013

Party at Gatsby's! Er, St. Laurent Centre!

Last night I had the absolute pleasure of attending St. Laurent Centre's Gatsby themed party in support of the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation.

Taking place in an unused store made to look like a 1920's parlour by designer Leanne Lacroix, the event was lovely and intimate while still capturing some of the great energy from that era.

People (including me!) dressed in their best Gatsby attire, since most of Ottawa's fashion lovers came out and every fashion-lover worth her salt cites the 1920's as one of their favourite fashion eras.

Waiters and bartenders kept the snacks and the drinks coming while beautiful models styled by Erica Wark drifted around, really adding to the feeling of being a part of The Great Gatsby.

But the real delight for me, came from installing myself next to the macaron table while chatting with a fellow blogger about the lusty appeal of a young James Spader. And at the start of the night there was even a dancing crew that performed and made me long for dance lessons, but only if my speciality was doing a breakdancing version of the Charleston.

A television installed at the back of the room played the original 70's adaptation of the book, which was also a great conversation piece, "Hey! It's that guy who plays in Law & Order now! What's his name? No clue, ooh look, Robert Redford!"

I loved getting dressed up for this event, and seeing all the guests get dressed up too. It absolutely did nothing to cure my Gatsby Fever, in fact I think I have it worse now. Get me a doctor Old Sport! 

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  1. I like this review and laughed at the end with the Law & Order comment. Nicely done!:)


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